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Documentation for v1.0 and later


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Filter Sections

Once add-on is active, you will see a new submenu under Media Grid, called "Filter Sections".


Here are listed sections you can insert into filters.
The first (fixed) row is related to Media Grid item categories, then you can add new ones.

Inserting a new section:
  1. Insert a name(can be changed in future)
  2. Insert a slug. It must be unique and can't be changed.
    Must also have a proper format: lowercase characters and numbers allowed. Replace spaces with dashes or underscores.

  3. (optional) Assign an icon to filter's name
  4. (optional) Choose the filter's type

Section types

multi-option user will be able to filter items chosing one or more options (works like an OR condition)
single option user will be able to filter items chosing only one option
range here you must define a numeric range (only integer numbers are supported currently) and the interval used by frontend slider

Obviously you have to fill single and multi-opt types with options. To do that, just click on icon and act as you would do on Media Grid categories.

How to assign options

Once sections have been created, you will see a new side box in Media Grid items and posts editor:


There you find all sections listed and you can insert the options related to the item.
Obviously the box is added also in post types you can use in your grids.

Setup Filters

Let's see now how to compose your new filters: click on the "Filters Builder" Media Grid submenu.
Then just add a new filter to the list:

Once added you can set its layout (the upper dropdown), manage related options below it and finally add and sort sections:

Use Filters

Filters implementation is the simplest thing you can imagine: using Media Grid shortcode's wizard you will see a sligtly changed interface.

Just choose the filter you want to apply and insert grid's shortcode.
Also remember Media Grid is natively integrated in Elementor and Visual Composer. Using them filters integration is even simpler!

WooCommerce Integration

Advanced Filters add-on automatically integrates into WooCommerce by using its attributes and price


Obviously they will be rendered only if WooCommerce products are found into the grid and can be set only for products.
Terms sorting is the one defined into WC terms management pages.


The plugin is 100% multilanguage for both front and back ends. If a translation of your language has been created, WordPress will automatically switch between languages.
Plus it is compatible with WPML and Polylang!

How to create a translation

If you have WPML + String Translation add-on or Polylang, you can simply scan the plugin and translate strings via its UI.

Otherwise: go in the plugin folder, then open the one named "languages".
Inside you'll find the default.pot file. It contains english strings to be translated.

If you want to create or customize one your language translation, follow these steps:

  1. Open the default.pot file with POedit
  2. Edit the catalog by inserting your data and setting translation's language
  3. Save the file with your language's i18n identifier and "mgaf_ml-" prefix (the italian example is mgaf_ml-it_IT)
  4. Go to plugin's folder ".. wp-content/plugins/media-grid-advanced-filters/languages" and paste resulting .PO and .MO files

To translate item custom attributes you necessarily need to use the WPML string translation plugin or Polylang.

If you create new translations, please contact me at sending your .PO and .MO files.
Otherwise they will be lost in next updates. Thanks!

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