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Documentation for v1.2 and later


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Create and Manage Overlays

Layers overlap

By default graphical layers overlapping reflects the order you used in the builder and the textual block is always on top of them.
To force graphical layers to stay over texts, use the "Layer over text block" option.

Layers position

Graphical layers are always shown over item's image, while textual block follows "text under images" rule as set in grid's shortcode.

Custom content layer

This layer may execute HTML and global shortcodes

Use Overlays

"(default one)" option, in shortcode's wizard field, is related to the global option you declared under Global Gallery settings

Textual layers on collections

Textual layers will be applied only if you DID NOT set "text under images" for collections.
Otherwise will be discarded and text will be simply placed in the default position


The plugin is 100% multilanguage for both front and back ends. If a translation of your language has been created, WordPress will automatically switch between languages.
Plus it is compatible with WPML and Polylang!

How to create a translation

If you have WPML + String Translation add-on or Polylang, you can simply scan the plugin and translate strings via its UI.

Otherwise: go in the plugin folder, then open the one named "languages".
Inside you'll find the default.pot file. It contains english strings to be translated.

If you want to create or customize one your language translation, follow these steps:

  1. Open the default.pot file with POedit
  2. Edit the catalog by inserting your data and setting translation's language
  3. Save the file with your language's i18n identifier and "ggom_ml-" prefix (the italian example is ggom_ml-it_IT)
  4. Go to plugin's folder ".. wp-content/plugins/global-gallery-overlay-manager/languages" and paste resulting .PO and .MO files

If you create new translations, please contact me at support@lcweb.it sending your .PO and .MO files.
Otherwise they will be lost in next updates. Thanks!

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